Steak Champ 3-color, the ultimate steak thermometer

Steak Champ is your guarantee of success for the perfect steak. Ever and everywhere. SteakChamp's 3-color LED shows a steak's 3 main degrees of donenessdes in one device. The ultimate steak thermometer is clear and easy to use. Simply insert SteakChamp into the raw meat and keep it there during cooking. The green double flash indicates 'medium rare', yellow is 'medium' and red 'medium well'.

Boska Holland Fondue Set Nero 1L

This large Fondue Set Nero from the Pro Collection has all the possibilities for a successful evening of eating cheese fondue with friends. The ceramic black pot sits atop a matching stainless steel frame and burner. The overall look is stylish and durable. To be enjoyed with a maximum of six people, the set also comes with fondue forks

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What Makes a Stovetop Espresso Coffee Pot So Unique

What Makes a Stovetop Espresso Coffee Pot So Unique

Who makes the best coffee? Italians, of course. That’s why Stovetop espresso maker, also known as Moka pot, or la macchinetta (lit: small machine) is simply a must-have item for all true coffee-lovers. Now that the holidays are just around the corner, consider treating yourself to something nice, like a quality stovetop espresso maker -- you won't regret it.

I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and I can’t imagine starting my day without it. What I can tell you from my own experience is that instant coffees are nowhere near the coffee that you get when using the Moka pot. Stick around to find out why.


About Stovetop Moka pots

La macchinetta is most commonly used in Italy and in other parts of Europe, as well as in Latin America. This famous aluminum/stainless steel stovetop percolator was first designed back in 1933, and has been an inevitable item in every Italian kitchen ever since. These cute coffee pots will produce a perfect espresso every time. And the best thing is that they’re easy to use -- no fancy tricks that you need to learn. Everyone can master it within a few minutes. Plus, they’re quite low-maintenance. 

Brewing espresso in Moka 

Once you get to know your Moka, you’ll forget about all the other coffee makers. The mechanism of work is similar to that of a pressure cooker. Moka stovetop works by releasing hot water that’s been pushed by the steam up through the Moka coffee to produce an authentic, strong espresso coffee.


November 22, 2016 by Daniel Kudla
The Wild Wood Task Lamp From Designer Homeware

The Wild Wood Task Lamp From Designer Homeware


A task lamp reduces the need for you to switch on the lights for an entire room when you do not need them. The task lamp is best suited for bedside lighting and such manner of lighting where you do not need that much light. One of the best task lamps in the market is the Wild Wood task lamp, which brings something more than lighting to the table.


The Wild Wood task lamp is designed to be both fashionable and functional. It comes in a variety of colour options all of which are available at different prices at Designer Homeware. For instance, you get concrete grey, English mustard, French blue among many others. The lamp is also designed to be stylish such as the gooseneck design.

            Task Lamp


The lamp is designed to provide sufficient lighting for you to perform simple and up close tasks. That said, through the use of flexible fixture, its flexible design also allows to shift the angle of the light so that you control its efficiency, direction and focus.


Thanks to Designer Homeware, one of the best online shops in the UK, you get these designer lamps at extremely affordable prices. Depending on your colour and design options, you can get yourself a high quality Wild Wood task lamp from as low as £39.99.

August 25, 2016 by Daniel Kudla
aGlow lights up a summer night

aGlow lights up a summer night

aGlow lights up a summer night

Welcome warm summer evenings with your new best friend, aGlow.
With its simple and chic design, aGlow combines home décor and outdoor life.
aGlow is the centre-of-attention at garden parties and other summer events. When darkness descends, light up your terrace with aGlow and relax to the sound of your favourite music. aGlow is always there for you, whether it is at the beach or if you need to charge your phone at a festival.




Cool packaging

With aGlow, your customers will not only get a cool product, but also an experience out of the ordinary because aGlow comes in a nice wooden box that will definitely look good on any display shelf.

aglow packaging



2 colours
aGlow comes with both gold and silver grids. aGlow is the epitome of good design as it lights up and lifts the mood with its charismatic charm.
June 03, 2016 by Iwona Siwczak

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