Steak Champ 3-color, the ultimate steak thermometer



  • Take a moment to watch the video
  • Steak Champ 3-color, electronic core area temperature measuring device with LED display
  • Guarantee of success for the perfect steak!
  • 3-color LED displays the 3 main degrees of doneness (medium rare, medium & medium well).
  • Suitable for grill, frying pan and oven

Steak Champ is your guarantee of success for the perfect steak. Ever and everywhere. SteakChamp's 3-color LED shows a steak's 3 main degrees of donenessdes in one device. The ultimate steak thermometer is clear and easy to use. Simply insert SteakChamp into the raw meat and keep it there during cooking. The green double flash indicates 'medium rare', yellow is 'medium' and red 'medium well'.

We fixed the core temperatures with an international team of experts (star chefs, steakhouse chefs, steak and meat experts from the USA and Europe). The pre-programmed core temperatures not only apply to beef, but also game/fish/salmon steaks or duck breast.


Use of the Steak Champ is universal. On the grill, in the frying pan or oven. The required degree of doneness is always recorded with electronic precision and clearly displayed.



  • Use on grills at high temperature (briefly up to 500°C).
  • Integral temperature measurement, i.e. the temperature of the core area is determined over the entire metal probe and not just at the tip.
  • The ideal resting phase for steak after cooking is electronically determined and displayed.


The housing is made of high quality stainless steel and rugged electronics. Made in Germany.

 Packaging size: 125x80x33mm