Shtox "Spiral" Tumbler Crystal with Rotating Pattern by Shtox


Brand Shtox

This is unique glass, which can spin on the table. 

The high-quality crystal, from which the Shtox glasses are produced by Nachtmann factory in Germany, gives them an exclusive and aristocratic elegance.

 Winner of the RedDot design award in 2009 

The spinning glass Shtox was recognized for its unique design in 2009 and awarded the RedDot design award, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.


At first glance, the rotation of the glass seems unbelievable and difficult to understand.

An unusual present for the person who has everything.

Slightly hard to describe, but the video makes it clear!

The glass comes in a very smart and elegant protective tin.

Made in Germany

Each Shtox glass comes in an original gift box. The label is made of high-quality paper, the silver gilt lettering makes it look solem and presentable.