Kreafunk aWear Black Headphones


Brand kreafunk

aWEAR fit perfectly into the everyday life. They’re designed to add that extra special something to your music experience and to spice up your everyday outfit. The headphones are foldable and extremely flexible, so if you need a break from the music, you can easily fit aWEAR into your bag and bring them along anywhere. Anytime. The headphones don’t just have a beautiful appearance, the insides are well-designed too. The sound is really smooth, deep, and clear. And on a full charge you're able to play your favourite tunes for 20 hours, so even on busy days every moment can be filled with music.

  • 20 hours playback time
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls
  • On-ear control panel: volume up / down, previous / next track, play / pause, answer / end phone calls
  • Soft PU leather earpads
  • Extendable headband and foldable earpads
  • Dustproof and water-resistant (IP44)
  • Including USB to USB C charging cable