The Wild Wood Task Lamp From Designer Homeware


A task lamp reduces the need for you to switch on the lights for an entire room when you do not need them. The task lamp is best suited for bedside lighting and such manner of lighting where you do not need that much light. One of the best task lamps in the market is the Wild Wood task lamp, which brings something more than lighting to the table.


The Wild Wood task lamp is designed to be both fashionable and functional. It comes in a variety of colour options all of which are available at different prices at Designer Homeware. For instance, you get concrete grey, English mustard, French blue among many others. The lamp is also designed to be stylish such as the gooseneck design.

            Task Lamp


The lamp is designed to provide sufficient lighting for you to perform simple and up close tasks. That said, through the use of flexible fixture, its flexible design also allows to shift the angle of the light so that you control its efficiency, direction and focus.


Thanks to Designer Homeware, one of the best online shops in the UK, you get these designer lamps at extremely affordable prices. Depending on your colour and design options, you can get yourself a high quality Wild Wood task lamp from as low as £39.99.

Quality and durability

Everything about the lamp design, stresses both quality and durability. The lamps are designed from braided metal fixtures designed for strength. The braided flexes allow for flexibility without compromising the quality of the metal or the lamp itself.

Bedside Lamp

Why buy them from Designer Homeware?

For such a high quality lamp, you might be wondering why you should not just buy it elsewhere. Well, you could but then you would miss out on all the assurances given by Designer Homeware. The first two of which are affordability and quality and have been explained. To add on that, there is the exceptional service, easy payment and delivery, convenience from online shopping and many other benefits. Designer Homeware deals directly with the designer for quality assurance and makes sure to handpick all the products so that you, as the client, get only the best that the designer has to offer. Would you rather choose some other task lamp whose quality you are not assured of, from an online store that has extremely high prices? I think not.

Task Lamp

August 25, 2016 by Daniel Kudla