New Solution for Coffee Lovers

Goat Story Coffee Mugs

Coffee drinking has become one of man's most famous and practiced cultures. You wake up in the morning with the thought of coffee. But in most instances, you can't make your own and drink it at home. Also you can't make and carry it because of lack of a container. So you rush off to your favourite coffee shop and get a cup. But then you risk spillage, heat loss and chemical contamination through that cup.

There is a solution. The new Goat Story Coffee Mug! The name is inspired by the story about the discovery of coffee. A shortened version of it is, a guy over in the Ethiopian highlands had a bunch of goats that stumbled upon ripe coffee berries and ingested them. After which they would get high, peaking the curiosity of the herder and the subsequent discovery of coffee.

Why should you choose the Goat Story Coffee Mug?


Ordinary coffee mugs are not nearly half as stylistic as this new mug. It has an intricate design that is so classy, and yet so simple it would stun your mind. It comes with various functional accessories in a variety if colors including black, brown and hemp. The accessories are made of either faux or real leather for the price of £22.99 or £24.99 respectively.

Ease of portability

The mug has accessories that ease its portability. The straps are made of leather and can be hung around your shoulder for ease of transport. You could do anything with this mug hanging by your side without distraction or risk.

Goat Story Coffee Mug


This is one area that really peaks your attention. The mug is designed in such a way that its holder or support doubles up as a styling brand cover. It is so easy to assemble; you basically just slip it on or off.


A Goat Story Coffee Mug can hold up to 350 ml of coffee and retain heat for up to 2 hours. You could basically move from your place to another town and still have hot coffee with you.

Leak proof

The design of the mug prevents it from leaking. It has been tested and proved to be 100% percent leak proof even when hung around your shoulder and jostled up and down.

Eco and health friendly

The mug is made from material that is BPA free. BPA is a compound that is soluble in organic solvents and fairly soluble in water. Contained in all plastic coffee cups, it is a risk to both your health and the environment.

Goat Story Coffee Mug