Turn your drinking moments into parties with Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Glasses and Whiskey Stones

The new Sagaform whiskey glasses are the ultimate glasses for your party. Sagaform has cleverly put together functionality and innovation to design a lovely whiskey glass. The glass introduces fun when drinking among your friends.

When you place the glass on a flat surface, the whiskey glass spins on its core that in turn stimulates a rotational movement. This is similar to the way you rotate your hand when stirring up the cocktail flavors and aroma of the ingredients of your whiskey. It is fun learning to rock the glass with your friends and family. Moreover, the blown glass makes gripping easy and steady even when you are a bit tipsy.

A pack comes with six hand blown glasses, enough for you and your partying friends and is a great addition to your home bar. The glasses are dishwasher safe. They also make a great gift for your loved ones for the festive season, birthday or during any other celebration.

Set of 6 Rounded Base Whisky Glasses


Sagaform Whiskey stones

Do you hate the idea of diluting your lovely whiskey and messing up with the taste in the process by using ice cubes? The pack of nine Sagaform Whiskey Stones ensures that your triple whiskey remains chilled and perfectly undiluted. The stone cubes are made of recycled granite that is delicately shaped to give them a descriptive grain and great color. Granite is in no way harmful to your health and does not chip off.

The stones do not dissolve as the ice cubes. On putting the cubes into the glass, and rocking your drink, you achieve a chilled crisp taste that is evenly distributed from top to bottom. You would never need to use those ice cubes in your drinks again. The whiskey stones can be used over and over again. You only need to wash the stone, put them in the pouch and freeze them for the next round of drinks.

The ice rocks come in a stylish pouch in black velvet color. The set of the nine stones is to be chilled in the pouch in your refrigerator. You can pop them out to each glass one after the other to keep the whiskey cooler and tastier for long. Saga Whiskey stones and Rocking Whiskey Glass are great partners to a real party evening.

Are you a whiskey lover? The set will position you into a party mood while giving unmatched functionality and durability. Give the Sagaform Whiskey set a try today.

9 Whisky Stones by Sagaform