Go Baa! and Get a 50p Discount at Starbucks


The Goat mug. What was that? The Goat mug will amuse you a lot for the unique product name and its shape. The mug looks like a short horn. It has a slip on handle that you can set on the table to act as a stand as the sharp end of the horn fits into it in a standing position. The mug can hold 350 ml of liquid. Best of all? The mug has a carry on strap meaning you can carry around and enjoy your drink wherever it can be had.

More good news. Starbucks have introduced for the next two months starting 1st of April a 50p discount for anyone who brings their own cup. Very good news indeed for caffeine lovers. 50p every day for a whole year translates into serious change. This offer is for any drink except for the £1 filter coffee.



If you love your coffee and care for the environment, consider having it in the Goat mug. Save money and make the world more sustainable. The Goat mug comes in three kinds of material; real leather, faux leather, and hemp. The Goat mug is reusable.

Starbucks has been trying to promote sustainable farming in places where it sources its coffee from. They have a project in Ethiopia aimed at improving earnings for coffee farmers. This is all very interesting as according to legend, coffee was discovered by a goat farmer in Ethiopia. The farmer noticed that his goats got all jumpy and excited when they chewed on a shrub with red berries. Chewing some himself, he found that he became more energetic and alert, thus taking coffee was discovered.

Taking Starbucks coffee in the Goat mug is a cheeky way of the story of the characters finally coming together.

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Wow factor

The Goat mug’s horn shape is bound to attract wow! looks wherever you go. Some will be interested to know why you are carrying a horn and will be pleasantly surprised when you present if for a fill. When it is not on its stand, you will look like you are drinking from a horn.

The mug comes in black, brown and white colours which are the colours of various goats’ horns. It has that earthy rustic feel to it.

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The Goat mug is leak proof and is designed like a thermos for minimal heat loss. You can carry around your coffee and have it whenever you feel thirsty.

The faux leather mug is £22.99 while the real leather and £24.99. Consider this a good investment considering it is reusable and all the savings you will get from Starbucks. You might even negotiate a higher discount just on the wow factor!

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