What Makes a Stovetop Espresso Coffee Pot So Unique

What Makes a Stovetop Espresso Coffee Pot So Unique

Who makes the best coffee? Italians, of course. That’s why Stovetop espresso maker, also known as Moka pot, or la macchinetta (lit: small machine) is simply a must-have item for all true coffee-lovers. Now that the holidays are just around the corner, consider treating yourself to something nice, like a quality stovetop espresso maker -- you won't regret it.

I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and I can’t imagine starting my day without it. What I can tell you from my own experience is that instant coffees are nowhere near the coffee that you get when using the Moka pot. Stick around to find out why.


About Stovetop Moka pots

La macchinetta is most commonly used in Italy and in other parts of Europe, as well as in Latin America. This famous aluminum/stainless steel stovetop percolator was first designed back in 1933, and has been an inevitable item in every Italian kitchen ever since. These cute coffee pots will produce a perfect espresso every time. And the best thing is that they’re easy to use -- no fancy tricks that you need to learn. Everyone can master it within a few minutes. Plus, they’re quite low-maintenance. 

Brewing espresso in Moka 

Once you get to know your Moka, you’ll forget about all the other coffee makers. The mechanism of work is similar to that of a pressure cooker. Moka stovetop works by releasing hot water that’s been pushed by the steam up through the Moka coffee to produce an authentic, strong espresso coffee.


November 22, 2016 by Daniel Kudla
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The Wild Wood Task Lamp From Designer Homeware

The Wild Wood Task Lamp From Designer Homeware


A task lamp reduces the need for you to switch on the lights for an entire room when you do not need them. The task lamp is best suited for bedside lighting and such manner of lighting where you do not need that much light. One of the best task lamps in the market is the Wild Wood task lamp, which brings something more than lighting to the table.


The Wild Wood task lamp is designed to be both fashionable and functional. It comes in a variety of colour options all of which are available at different prices at Designer Homeware. For instance, you get concrete grey, English mustard, French blue among many others. The lamp is also designed to be stylish such as the gooseneck design.

            Task Lamp


The lamp is designed to provide sufficient lighting for you to perform simple and up close tasks. That said, through the use of flexible fixture, its flexible design also allows to shift the angle of the light so that you control its efficiency, direction and focus.


Thanks to Designer Homeware, one of the best online shops in the UK, you get these designer lamps at extremely affordable prices. Depending on your colour and design options, you can get yourself a high quality Wild Wood task lamp from as low as £39.99.

August 25, 2016 by Daniel Kudla
aGlow lights up a summer night

aGlow lights up a summer night

aGlow lights up a summer night

Welcome warm summer evenings with your new best friend, aGlow.
With its simple and chic design, aGlow combines home décor and outdoor life.
aGlow is the centre-of-attention at garden parties and other summer events. When darkness descends, light up your terrace with aGlow and relax to the sound of your favourite music. aGlow is always there for you, whether it is at the beach or if you need to charge your phone at a festival.




Cool packaging

With aGlow, your customers will not only get a cool product, but also an experience out of the ordinary because aGlow comes in a nice wooden box that will definitely look good on any display shelf.

aglow packaging



2 colours
aGlow comes with both gold and silver grids. aGlow is the epitome of good design as it lights up and lifts the mood with its charismatic charm.
June 03, 2016 by Iwona Siwczak
Go Baa! and Get a 50p Discount at Starbucks

Go Baa! and Get a 50p Discount at Starbucks


The Goat mug. What was that? The Goat mug will amuse you a lot for the unique product name and its shape. The mug looks like a short horn. It has a slip on handle that you can set on the table to act as a stand as the sharp end of the horn fits into it in a standing position. The mug can hold 350 ml of liquid. Best of all? The mug has a carry on strap meaning you can carry around and enjoy your drink wherever it can be had.

More good news. Starbucks have introduced for the next two months starting 1st of April a 50p discount for anyone who brings their own cup. Very good news indeed for caffeine lovers. 50p every day for a whole year translates into serious change. This offer is for any drink except for the £1 filter coffee.



If you love your coffee and care for the environment, consider having it in the Goat mug. Save money and make the world more sustainable. The Goat mug comes in three kinds of material; real leather, faux leather, and hemp. The Goat mug is reusable.

Starbucks has been trying to promote sustainable farming in places where it sources its coffee from. They have a project in Ethiopia aimed at improving earnings for coffee farmers. This is all very interesting as according to legend, coffee was discovered by a goat farmer in Ethiopia. The farmer noticed that his goats got all jumpy and excited when they chewed on a shrub with red berries. Chewing some himself, he found that he became more energetic and alert, thus taking coffee was discovered.

Taking Starbucks coffee in the Goat mug is a cheeky way of the story of the characters finally coming together.

coffee office

Wow factor

The Goat mug’s horn shape is bound to attract wow! looks wherever you go. Some will be interested to know why you are carrying a horn and will be pleasantly surprised when you present if for a fill. When it is not on its stand, you will look like you are drinking from a horn.

The mug comes in black, brown and white colours which are the colours of various goats’ horns. It has that earthy rustic feel to it.

coffee on a bike


The Goat mug is leak proof and is designed like a thermos for minimal heat loss. You can carry around your coffee and have it whenever you feel thirsty.

The faux leather mug is £22.99 while the real leather and £24.99. Consider this a good investment considering it is reusable and all the savings you will get from Starbucks. You might even negotiate a higher discount just on the wow factor!

coffee lover

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Deagourmet Italy homeware brand: The Roman banquet brought closer

Deagourmet Italy homeware brand: The Roman banquet brought closer

  The Deagourmet Italy home ware brand is popular for dining ware. Dining with these products is an exotic experience and you are sure to impress your guests regardless of which ever social class they belong to. Simple is not a word that you use to describe products from the Deagourmet Italy home ware brand as it is an understatement. Just by looking at the design, texture, weight and general appearance of the dinner plate sets, you cannot fail to appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity that went into making these pieces.

Origini Transporto Espresso Cups

  Italy is known for its rich heritage and tradition and it is no wonder that the Deagourmet Italy home ware brand originates from here. If you have always dreamt of visiting Rome for a taste of its world famous cuisine or fine dining experience, then buying a dinner set from Deagourmet Italy home ware brings you closer to the experience. It is not a wonder that this brand is big on food pieces since the romans as we read from ancient culture documentation, emphasize on great food and serving. They appreciate a full table and there is nothing that brings out the skill of cooking more than expensive and carefully crafted dinner ware.

  The next time you go shopping for home ware, consider the Deagourmet Italy home ware brand and experience the luxury by yourself. It is no wonder that most people will only bring out their sets when they have guests to entertain. This is for sure one of the most important ice breakers for any social event and unlike other similar settings, you can be sure that the compliments are genuine.

Deahourmet Itally Cappuccino Cups

  Buy a Deagourmet Italy home ware brand set for a relative or friend and they will need no other proof that you relationship is important to you. The long lasting property and easy handling nature of these pieces makes them a must have for every home. You will no longer worry about chipping plates and cups whose handles break in your hand, but be confident in serving too. With all these positive aspects of the Deagourmet Italy home ware brand one may assume that the price range is intimidating. That cannot be further from the truth since you are not buying into quantity but quality that will last for generations to come. What price then can you put on a product that will be handed down your family tree from one generation to the next with changing its functionality and appeal?

Deagourmet Italy Mondo Americano cups

February 02, 2016 by Daniel Kudla
New Solution for Coffee Lovers

New Solution for Coffee Lovers

Goat Story Coffee Mugs

Coffee drinking has become one of man's most famous and practiced cultures. You wake up in the morning with the thought of coffee. But in most instances, you can't make your own and drink it at home. Also you can't make and carry it because of lack of a container. So you rush off to your favourite coffee shop and get a cup. But then you risk spillage, heat loss and chemical contamination through that cup.

There is a solution. The new Goat Story Coffee Mug! The name is inspired by the story about the discovery of coffee. A shortened version of it is, a guy over in the Ethiopian highlands had a bunch of goats that stumbled upon ripe coffee berries and ingested them. After which they would get high, peaking the curiosity of the herder and the subsequent discovery of coffee.

Why should you choose the Goat Story Coffee Mug?


Ordinary coffee mugs are not nearly half as stylistic as this new mug. It has an intricate design that is so classy, and yet so simple it would stun your mind. It comes with various functional accessories in a variety if colors including black, brown and hemp. The accessories are made of either faux or real leather for the price of £22.99 or £24.99 respectively.

Ease of portability

The mug has accessories that ease its portability. The straps are made of leather and can be hung around your shoulder for ease of transport. You could do anything with this mug hanging by your side without distraction or risk.

Goat Story Coffee Mug


This is one area that really peaks your attention. The mug is designed in such a way that its holder or support doubles up as a styling brand cover. It is so easy to assemble; you basically just slip it on or off.


A Goat Story Coffee Mug can hold up to 350 ml of coffee and retain heat for up to 2 hours. You could basically move from your place to another town and still have hot coffee with you.

Leak proof

The design of the mug prevents it from leaking. It has been tested and proved to be 100% percent leak proof even when hung around your shoulder and jostled up and down.

Eco and health friendly

The mug is made from material that is BPA free. BPA is a compound that is soluble in organic solvents and fairly soluble in water. Contained in all plastic coffee cups, it is a risk to both your health and the environment.

Goat Story Coffee Mug

January 06, 2016 by Daniel Kudla
Turn your drinking moments into parties with Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Glasses and Whiskey Stones

Turn your drinking moments into parties with Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Glasses and Whiskey Stones

The new Sagaform whiskey glasses are the ultimate glasses for your party. Sagaform has cleverly put together functionality and innovation to design a lovely whiskey glass. The glass introduces fun when drinking among your friends.

When you place the glass on a flat surface, the whiskey glass spins on its core that in turn stimulates a rotational movement. This is similar to the way you rotate your hand when stirring up the cocktail flavors and aroma of the ingredients of your whiskey. It is fun learning to rock the glass with your friends and family. Moreover, the blown glass makes gripping easy and steady even when you are a bit tipsy.

A pack comes with six hand blown glasses, enough for you and your partying friends and is a great addition to your home bar. The glasses are dishwasher safe. They also make a great gift for your loved ones for the festive season, birthday or during any other celebration.

Set of 6 Rounded Base Whisky Glasses


Sagaform Whiskey stones

Do you hate the idea of diluting your lovely whiskey and messing up with the taste in the process by using ice cubes? The pack of nine Sagaform Whiskey Stones ensures that your triple whiskey remains chilled and perfectly undiluted. The stone cubes are made of recycled granite that is delicately shaped to give them a descriptive grain and great color. Granite is in no way harmful to your health and does not chip off.

The stones do not dissolve as the ice cubes. On putting the cubes into the glass, and rocking your drink, you achieve a chilled crisp taste that is evenly distributed from top to bottom. You would never need to use those ice cubes in your drinks again. The whiskey stones can be used over and over again. You only need to wash the stone, put them in the pouch and freeze them for the next round of drinks.

The ice rocks come in a stylish pouch in black velvet color. The set of the nine stones is to be chilled in the pouch in your refrigerator. You can pop them out to each glass one after the other to keep the whiskey cooler and tastier for long. Saga Whiskey stones and Rocking Whiskey Glass are great partners to a real party evening.

Are you a whiskey lover? The set will position you into a party mood while giving unmatched functionality and durability. Give the Sagaform Whiskey set a try today.

9 Whisky Stones by Sagaform

December 27, 2015 by Daniel Kudla

Top 5 Christmas Gifts That Say You Care With Style

Holiday gift giving is upon us and Christmas shopping is bearing down on you. Don't let the stress disrupt your enjoyment of this beloved season. Designer Homeware is stepping up with some very stylish, delightfully innovative, and spectacularly affordable gift ideas.

These 5 suggested gifts are all highly useful, yet they aren't something you would find at the corner shop or even on Amazon. These suggestions say you care and took the extra time to find something really special.

Goat Story Coffee Mugs resemble the legendary flasks of old, yet are beautifully designed to take your coffee with you. Sling your Goat Story Coffee Mug over your shoulder without a worry of spillage thanks to its modern leak proof design that is 100% BPA free. The mugs come in real leather black or brown, practical faux leather black or brown, and fashionable hemp. Each mug holds a full 350ML to keep your morning coffee warm and available. Priced starting at just £22.99.

alt="Goat Story Coffee Mug"


Vialli Design Tullio 24 Piece Cutlery Set have an unmistakable modern design that separates them from all other tableware. Dinner will never be the same again! Delights guests and inspires family by making each meal an unforgettable event. The courageous, expressive coloring makes this effort by Polish and Italian designers one of the surprise winners in this year's best holiday gifts. Affordably priced at £39.99.


Every great chef needs a reliable steak thermometer. Go all the way in creating perfect steaks, lamb, duck breast and fish with the Steak Champ 3-color ultimate steak thermometer. This gift just exudes quality! Has a highly accurate electronic core area temperature measuring device with LED display. The LED lets you know when your steak is medium rare, medium, and medium well. Can be used equally well on the grill, for frying, and even in the oven. Just £34.99.

Just about everybody likes to celebrate the Holidays with wine and cheese. The stylish Boska Holland Cheese & Wine Set comes with a wine ring, wine pourer, and corkscrew. It also includes a "cheesy" knife for soft cheeses and a Parmesan knife for hard cheeses. These are highest quality made from durable stainless steel and dishwasher safe. This makes for a beautiful gift set that will impress the discerning person on your list. Priced at £37.99.

Boska Holland

But what about inexpensive gifts for the office party exchange or casual friend? Here you will find a full page of creative and very impressive gift ideas that are priced below £20. Some are even less than £10! All from Vialli Design with their unmistakable double wall design that looks so cool. Choose from the Double Wall Beer Glass, the Double Wall Long Glass, Double Wall Glass with Handle, the Double Wall Latte Glass, and more.

Don't stress this Holiday Season. Simply do your shopping at Designer Homeware. The staff has chosen some of the most pleasing gift items for 2015.


November 15, 2015 by Daniel Kudla

New Vialli Design AMO glassware range

The new range of double walled glassware from Vialli Design includes carafes, tea/coffee glasses and vodka shooters. All products have the same outstanding quality, dishwasher safe and gifted boxed. The AMO range features crisp glass pieces with clean, modern shapes, great for adding a touch of style to your table. 

More Vialli Design Products


November 06, 2015 by Daniel Kudla
How to make a perfect steak with STEAK CHAMP

How to make a perfect steak with STEAK CHAMP

Six minutes or 30?

 How long your steak will take depends on many factors, for to prepare a perfect steak is NOT ALWAYS SIMPLE, even for pros.

The following (selected) factors influence the cooking time for the perfect steak, some of them considerably:



  1. Take your steak (min. 1″ / 2.5 cm thick, better 1.5″-2″ / 3-5 cm) out of the refrigerator an hour before cooking.
  2. Rub your steak with a little oil and sprinkle with salt.
  3. Prepare your frying pan or grill with a light coat of oil.
  4. Activate SteakChamp and insert into the steak.
  5. Sear or grill both sides of the steak on high heat for about 1-2 minutes.
  6. Reduce heat (cooker: half-turn, grill approx. 270°F / 130°C) and cook slowly on medium heat. Turn steak around every 2 minutes.
  7. When the desired double flash signal appears, remove steak from heat and let it rest until the signal stops.
  8. Remove SteakChamp, season your steak to taste.
  9. Enjoy your steak!
September 10, 2015 by Daniel Kudla